Designing a website can seem like a daunting process and it can be difficult to know where to start. We have been doing this for over 8 years so we’d like to share the steps we go through to design our sites. remember that designing and building a site does not need lots of technical know-how but you do need to know some things about web design – remember that if the page is unattractive a third of visitors will leave straight away.

1. Work out your website strategy.

Research and define your target market – who are they? What is their age gender locality? What is the website’s purpose and strategy.

2. Have a look at the latest Web Design Trends.

We are constantly doing this to stay on top of what is new in web design. Take a look around the web – read some articles. What trends do you like and would suit your brand.

3. Choose your website platform.

This is a really important question and lots of research needs to be done here – there are so many platforms out there! We are experts in WordPress, the worlds most popular platform, but explore the other platforms to see which is right for you.

4. Think about your business branding.

This means your colour palette, your logo, your font, which images would you like to use. Lots of decisions here and we  take the client through this journey.

5. Select a design template.

Most platforms will give you the options to select a template and start customising it to follow the brand guidelines. The template will give you a start to your design but providing a framework to import your content. YOu’ll need to customise it now with your brand’s colour scheme and logo.

6. Create and optimize your content.

This will include the images and copy. The images must be optimised so that the page is not slowed down when loading. Google likes fast sites so this is important for SEO.

Copy will also be added here – we can help with copywriting or work with the copy you give us.

7. Publish Your Website.

You have reviewed your site and given it your approval. Perhaps you have asked for feedback from other part of the business and incorporated their feedback. YOu are now ready to go love and this means telling Google that you are ready to be found online. Kward web will do this for you aalong with setting up security and redirects and any training needed.

8. Analyze and Improve.

Over time the site traffic can be analysed and improved by using tools like Google Analytics. We g=can help you use this tool and help to improve the design or customer journey through the site.

KWard web design have been designing and building websites for over 8 years.  Our strategy varies from customer to customer – some people have clear ideas on what they’d like and how they’d like to achieve it. Others want to hand the whole process over to us. We will work with you to determine the best website design for you.